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The Evolved Lifestyle Co. (“EVOLVED”) is a lifestyle brand that's resonating with consumers, as the global trend of health, wellness, kindness, and compassion is growing at an exponential rate.

EVOLVED is positioned to be a true disruptor in the beverage industry, creating a new “performance beverage” category that is based on the clinically demonstrated and proven BELOW 33 Technology: <33™

Simply put, the technology continuously energizes the water to an optimum condition, bringing the beverage to a state of near perfect solubility. <33™ has conducted a double-blind, randomized cross-over clinical hydration study, which was performed by one of Canada’s top Hydration Experts, Prof. Dr. Matthew White (Vancouver, B.C.) at Canada’s most advanced environmental chamber.

The benefits are superior hydration, preventing dehydration and better re-hydration even in severe conditions, increased absorption of vital minerals, electrolytes, and trace elements which improve hydration condition, cell function, and recovery.

Below 33 (<33TM)
The technology that makes us different from the rest.

<33™ is a proprietary, unique, and disruptive technology. The wafer-thin <33™ technology plate, which is permanently applied to the outside of the beverage bottle, strengthens the thermodynamics of the water, thus increasing its solubility. As a result, the transport of ions across cell membranes is simplified. This means that minerals are transported as ions instead of mineral crystals and the bio-availability is increased. Water itself also flows more easily across membranes and cell membranes, resulting in improved hydration and increased blood plasma volume.

cbd superior hydration water bottle cap
superior hydration water bottle cap
superior hydration water bottle cap
superior hydration water bottle cap
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